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Prep-Right Survival Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guide - Survival Gifts for the Adventurer in your Life

Written By: Heather Monn

November is finally here, and we can say the end of 2020 is upon us.  It is officially the most wonderful time of the year! For people like me, we cannot wait for the holidays. Celebrating with friends and family, enjoying delicious food, and relaxing before it all ends.  But something I don’t look forward to figuring out what to get my friends and family as gifts. Shopping can be stressful, especially this time of year with COVID and the uncertainty of what shopping will even look like this year. This year I am going to try to accomplish most of my gift buying online, but that comes with its own problems. Mainly, what to choose from! And when I cannot decide what to buy, I always end up making last-minute decisions and blowing right through my shopping budget! 
So, every year I look for Gift Guides. Gift Guides take the guesswork out of picking out the perfect present for my loved ones. 2020 has presented us with many challenges and triumphs. One thing I learned is you can never be too prepared for the unexpected.  So, with keeping that in mind I decided to make my gifts meaningful this year.  I want my gifts to be intentional and make sure my family members are prepared for any situation that may arise.  This year, I am happy to announce that I found a Gift Guide that suits everyone on my shopping list: Prep-Right’s Holiday Gift Guide.
Prep-Right Survival Water Filter Bottle
The folks at Prep-Right was the perfect place for my one-stop shopping.  As I looked at the Holiday Gift Guide on the website it was easy to find everything, I needed to make this Holiday season one that is both merry and bright!  I started with Aquatabs and thought to myself what a great stocking stuffer that would be easy to keep anywhere.  Emergencies happen all the time and finding a clean water source could be harder than you think.  With hurricanes, wildfires, and everything in between I am happy I can purchase these for my family and know they are taken care of.  The best part is they have a 5-year shelf life so they can throw a few in the car, travel bag, and keep some in the kitchen.Aquatab Water Purification Strips
Speaking of good clean tasting water, I noticed the Prep-Right Water Filter Bottle.  I immediately thought of my sister who is traveling all the time for work and constantly complaining about how water either tastes good or bad depending on the area.  I thought to myself well doesn’t everyone want good clean water. So, I purchased one for each family member.  Here is where I had to put a little thought into the gift and pick the right colors for everyone.  I absolutely love the purple, but I am quite sure my Dad would want the blue since blue is his favorite color. Now no matter where they are, they can enjoy the same great taste no matter the water source. 
Prep-Right Survival Water Filter Bottle Gathering water from a stream.

Another feature I love about this water bottle is the built-in mini compass on the top of the bottle to help me stay on track with each adventure. No need to worry about packing extra stuff when I have an all in one with this water bottle. Let’s face it usually the saying is “more is better” unless you are hiking then we like to say, “less is better”.  Not to mention I can use the keychain to hand the bottle from my belt loop, backpack, or fanny pack.  

Now let us talk about food.  Everyone loves it, everyone needs it, and everyone must have it.  So, what do you do if you need food and have no electricity, gas, or way to cook?  I went back to the hurricanes and wildfires earlier this year.  Prep-Right Survival Food Tablets to the rescue. So many flavors to choose from.  Butterscotch for my brother, chocolate for my sister, and for my parents strawberry!  A easy resealable pouch with a 10-year shelf life they can keep these on hand anywhere.

Prep-Right Survival Food Tablets 24 Pack

The Spork is so cute I could not resist - plus it also doubles as a bottle opener.  This is one of those stocking stuffers you can’t help but purchase.  I even got a few extra for white elephant gifts for the office and other parties I will be attending. Where else can you get a gift for literally anyone for under $10?  Multi-functional and easy to store what more do you need. Made of stainless steel it is sure to last for years to come. 



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