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AQUATABS are the number one trusted brand of choice for point of use water disinfection. AQUATABS are used by all major aid agencies, NGOs, and peacekeeping/defense forces worldwide for the treatment of human drinking water in emergency situations.  The tablets are effective against giardia cysts, bacteria and viruses. We are one of the few approved sellers of AQUATABS.

Why choose AQUATABS?

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Remove one tablet from its packaging and quickly insert into 1/5 gallon of contaminated water (6.5ppm (6.5mg/L) available chlorine). Allow to sit for 10 minutes and wait 30 minutes before drinking.

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After 40 minutes total, the treated water is now ready for safe drinking.

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AQUATABS are easy and lightweight to transport. Fit them in your pocket, backpack or luggage for on the go.

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Conveniently packaged to help retain freshness and has a 5 year shelf life.


Who Can Benefit?

Emergency and Disaster Relief

AQUATABS are the perfect way to provide clean drinking water to your populations

3 packs/strips of AQUATABS

The #1 Water Purification Tablet - Field Tested & Reviewed

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Best Value

Offering the best price out of all water purification tablets on the market today.

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Fastest Time To Purify

Shake for 10 minutes and let the water sit for 30. In just 40 minutes, you'll have the fastest purified safe drinking water available.

Get Your AQUATABS Today 

100 Tablets Total for $9.95

AQUATABS added to water quickly dissolves and effectively treats water to protect you and your family with consistent pleasant tasting water during outdoor activities, natural disasters and emergency situations where boiling water is not an option. AQUATABS possesses no odor or color and has a 5-year shelf life for use anywhere including international travel, camping, hiking, prepping and more.


Eliminate Plastic. Save Time and Energy.

Eliminate plastic, save time and energy. Infographic comparison: 1 pallet of AQUATABS equals 20 truckloads of plastic bottled water

Other FAQs

How much water does each AQUATAB tablet treat?

Each AQUATAB treats/disinfects up to one liter of water. However, the amount may vary depending on water clarity. Turbid water may require filtration and result in a lower treated amount per tablet.

Are AQUATABS made to a certain level of quality?

AQUATABS are produced to pharmaceutical standards by an ISO 9001/2000 quality-assured company.

What is the active ingredient in AQUATABS?

Each AQUATAB contains a measured dose of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate, commonly referred to as NaDCC. When added to water, AQUATABS dissolve to release a measured dose of hypochlorous acid (free available chlorine) that is universally recognized as a safe and effective water disinfectant. AQUATABS are one of the few water purification tablets on the market today which are certified to NSF / ANSI 60. It's active ingredient, NaDCC (ACL60 grade) is also US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved. AQUATABS also conform to WHO Specification (The New Emergency Health Kit 98), International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement specification (Code: Type 21.1), UNICEF specification (Codes: S 1588350 / S 158355 / S 0003245) and NATO Stock Number (NSN) 6850-99-225-1833).

Do AQUATABS color the water or leave a taste?

No, unlike other water purification treatments such as Iodine or Chlorine Dioxide, AQUATABS will not color the water or leave an unpalatable taste. NaDCC works very differently from traditional chlorine, and as such, it is very difficult to taste any chlorine taste. In fact, there is usually less of a chlorine taste in water treated with AQUATABS than there is in any municipal tap water.

See all AQUATAB FAQs here.

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