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Prep-Right Water Filter Bottle and Aquatabs 50 Count

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Prep-Right Survival Water Filter Bottle + Aquatabs® 50 Count

The Prep-Right Survival Water Filter Bottle is a 4-stage water filtration system that eliminates harmful bacteria and microorganisms from a river, stream, lake, etc. This is particularly useful when hiking, traveling internationally, or in an emergency situation where clean water is unavailable. Equipped with a high quality filter, you can rely on any water source you come across to be fully filtered for fresh, clean drinking water anytime, anywhere. 

Double your water filtration with a 50 count pack of Aquatabs® Water Purification Tablets, used for safely removing harmful bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms found in contaminated water with no adverse effects. 

We are the THE APPROVED seller of Aquatabs®.

1) Ultra Filtration Membrane:  Purifies contaminants at 0.01 microns to remove 99.999% of harmful bacteria like E.coli, legionella, and salmonella to keep your water clean and safe

2) Coconut Activated Carbon: Removes heavy metal, chlorine, and improves water taste

3) Antibacterial Beads: Prevents bacteria growth

4) Medical PP Cotton: Removes sand and mud as a pre-filter
Original Water: Lake, river, brook, stream etc. Cartridge Life: 396 Gallons (1,500 Liters)

•The water bottle itself is made of BPA-Free Tritan so you will not experience a plastic taste, chlorine taste, or any odor whatsoever.

•You can use the water filter bottle at home, while traveling, in an emergency situation, or even at a hotel to minimize any chlorine tastes for better tasting water.

•Unlike many other water filter bottles, our design has a tiny hole on the top lid, allowing air in and out, making it easier to suck clean water from the bottle.

•The lid is designed with a silicone mouth-piece for comfort and a top nozzle cap covering to prevent leaking water and dust to enter.

•The top lid also features a built in mini compass, helping you stay on track during any adventure.

•The included carabiner is used to hang the water filter bottle from your backpack, fanny pack, bag or belt loopA wonderful gift idea for the explorer or prepper in your life! Give the gift of clean water with our 4 available color way options.

Please be sure to rinse the carbon filter for 60 seconds for first time use. Then, make sure to sip a few times to help the water pass up through the filter. A full instruction manual is included. 

Cleaning Instructions: Dishwasher safe

•Material: BPA-Free Tritan

•Filter Accuracy: 0.01 micronBottle Capacity: 650 mL

•Flow rate: 450 mL/min

•Temperature: 32℉ - 90℉  Product N.W.: 210g

•Dimensions: 9.1" 3.2" 3.2"

•Filter lifespan: 396 gallons (1,500 liters)

For over 100 years, chlorination of drinking water has been one of the single most effective means of improving public health in the developing world.  Aquatabs® was created over twenty years ago and is now one of the most trusted brand of choice for point of use of water disinfection around the world.  Aquatabs® utilize materials specifically approved for international standards for use in drinking water with NSF/ANSI Standard 60 Certification and have been selected by leading Aid Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations and Defense Forces worldwide.

When Aquatabs® are added to water, they quickly dissolve and effectively treat water to protect you and your family with consistent, pleasant tasting water during outdoor activities, natural disasters and emergency situations where boiling water is not an option.  Aquatabs® possesses no odor or color and has a 5-year shelf life for use anywhere including international travel, camping, hiking, prepping and more.

Aquatabs® is conveniently packaged in 5 Strips of 10 Tablets (50 Total) that help retain freshness and are so small they easily fit into any pocket, pouch, purse, bag, backpack, drawer, emergency preparedness kit, disaster relief pack and more. 

We are the THE APPROVED seller of Aquatabs®. 

Use Anywhere

The perfect filtration bottle for international travel, camping, hiking, or even to filter hotel sink water.

396 Gallons of Purified Water

The Prep-Right Water Filter Bottle can purify 396 gallons (1,500 liters) of dirty water before needing to be replaced. 

Including Aquatabs® 50 Count

Double your water filtration with a 50 count pack of Aquatabs® Water Purification Tablets, used for safely removing harmful bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms found in contaminated water with no adverse effects. 

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