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5 Easy & Simple Meal Ideas For Open Campfire Cooking

5 Easy & Simple Meal Ideas For Open Campfire Cooking

Meal planning is essential when preparing for your adventures in the Great Outdoors. Many campsites and RV parks offer barbecue access on the property. Although, there is no guarantee you will find a grill, especially for those who prefer more isolated sites. 

We always recommended packing some food items that you can cook over the campfire. Open campfire cooking is exciting, making it an excellent bonding activity with your children or friend group on camping trips. 

Below we have prepared a list of a few essential appliances that make the whole process run smoothly. The Prep-Right Survival team has also provided five easy-to-make open campfire recipes.

Must-Have Appliances For Open Campfire Cooking

These handy appliances make campfire cooking significantly easier. However, these gadgets are not required for some of these recipes. 

  • Aluminum foil 
  • Cast-iron skillet 
  • Grill pan 
  • Hard cooler 
  • Skewers (wooden or stainless steel) 

Straightforward Recipes For Open Campfire Cooking 

Bacon, Eggs, & Pancakes 

Making this classic American breakfast combination over an open campfire is simple with access to a cast-iron skillet. You apply the same steps as you would at home, yet your bacon will taste somewhat smoky this time. In addition, there are plenty of pre-made buttermilk pancake batters available on the market that you can pack. 

Campfire Pancakes

Campfire Nachos  

Nachos are incredibly easy to make for open campfire cooking, especially using a cast-iron skillet. It is a delicious lunch or snack option to enjoy on your camping trip. Assemble your nachos with your desired toppings, such as cheese, ground beef, guacamole, and sour cream. You may also pair your nachos with zesty lime margaritas if you bring along a cocktail shaker and your favorite tequila. 

Campfire Nachos

Foil Pack Meals 

Foil pack meals are a lifesaver for those without access to the above appliances since they may be grilled or tossed directly over the campfire. A few common ingredients include steak or chicken paired with potatoes, bell peppers, or string beans. Although, you may add your favorite proteins and fresh vegetables, allowing this dish to be entirely customizable.   

Campfire Foil Pack Meal


Is any camping treat complete without indulging a few ooey-gooey s’mores? This iconic campfire treat is super straightforward to prepare over the open campfire with the help of skewers. Roast your marshmallows as desired and combine the rest of your ingredients: graham crackers and chocolate. 

Campfire S'mores

Your Catch Of The Day 

Fishing is a popular camping activity. You may bring your day’s catch back to cook over the open campfire. Although, be sure to bring along some tools to carve your fish into filets. You may cook it over the fire using a grill pan or cast-iron skillet. The fish can also be cooked in aluminum foil packs. 

Campfire Fish Dinner

PRO TIP: Survival Food Tablets 

Camping is fun, relaxing, and often an unforgettable experience. However, spending much time in the great outdoors leaves you exposed to the elements, wildlife, and fellow campers. Prep-Right Survival Food Tablets provide four to five months’ worth of nutrition. They also come in various tasty flavors, including butterscotch, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. While this technically is not an open campfire recipe, we highly recommend packing Survival Food Supplements in case any issues arise. Besides, it is always ideal to prepare for any potential emergency situations before embarking on camping trips. 

Prep-Right Survival Food Tablets

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