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Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer or Prepper

Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer or Prepper

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to give someone you care about that perfect gift, but what should you get them? If they love the outdoors or are into prepping, then we have a few ideas from Prep-Right Survival that might just do the trick! 

Prep-Right Water Filter Bottle 

Prep-Right Survival Water Filter Bottle

We all know how important it is to filter our water, but what if you could do it without the need for external filters or tablets? With a filter water bottle, you can scoop water directly from any lake, stream, or river that you come across and drink it from the source. This bottle uses a 4-stage water filtration system to give you the cleanest water, and is even available in four different colors. It can filter 396 gallons of dirty water before the filter stops working, meaning you will get plenty of use out of it! 

Prep-Right Emergency Food

Prep-Right Survival Food Tabs

With a 10-year shelf life, these survival food tablets are filled with the most nutritious and delicious pieces to ensure you have something to be nourished in emergency situations. Right behind water, food is one of the most essential survival items, so why not make it easy (and tasty)? Available in four great flavors including chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and butterscotch, these are great for long-term storage or even a quick snack on your next hike! 

Mtech MT-958SL Stainless Steel Sportsman Spork


It can be very frustrating eating meals without some kind of utensil, and this one is one of the best. In addition to helping you eat your meals in the outdoors, this handy utensil also doubles as a survival tool equipped with features like a bottle opener, scale, and carabiner. Virtually indestructible and constructed of stainless steel, this spork will last you for years to come and will come in handy more often than not. 

Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets

Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets

Clean water is essential to surviving, so some kind of water purification method should be a top priority. The Aquatabs water purification tablets are easily one of the best and simplest methods for always ensuring clean water. With these tablets, you do not need to boil any water and they fit easily into a pocket, bag, or backpack for easy transport or storage whether you need them for prepping or surviving in the outdoors. 

Final Thoughts

Shopping for the prepper or survivalist in your family can often be difficult, especially if they already have plenty of gear. But now you can be sure that any of the gear and prep items here will be welcome additions to anyone’s inventory. For every prepper or outdoorsman, Prep-Right is sure to have the right holiday gift for this upcoming season! 

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