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The Water Filter Bottle Everyone Needs

The Water Filter Bottle Everyone Needs

Written By: Heather Monn

We've all been there. We set out on a 5-mile hike to enjoy nature and sunshine.  We think to ourselves, "1 water bottle should do it", only to find out that you are 2.5 miles into your hike and the heat is more unbearable than predicted.  You grab your water bottle and you are all out of water. You stop for a minute, panic sets in.  After gathering your thoughts, you look at your map and realize up ahead there is a freshwater stream to save the day. 

The next thought “What about bacteria, contaminates?” Then all the worry and panic settle when you reach into your backpack and remember you packed your Prep-Right Filter Bottle. No worries here with the ability to filter 99.99% of harmful bacteria in a few short minutes fresh water will be available with an unlimited supply.  Equipped with a high-quality 4 stage filtration system, you can rely on any water source you come across to be fully filtered for fresh, clean drinking water anytime, anywhere.  The Prep-Right Water Filter Bottle can purify 396 gallons (1,500 liters) of dirty water before needing to be replaced.  When the filter is not being used, there is an additional straw included for regular drinking use.  The best part, you get to continue to take in the fresh air and enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer. 

 4-Stage Filtration System for the Prep-Right Survival Water Filter Bottle

Another feature I love about this water bottle is the built-in mini compass on the top of the bottle to help me stay on track with each adventure. No need to worry about packing extra stuff when I have an all in one with this water bottle. Let’s face it usually the saying is “more is better” unless you are hiking then we like to say, “less is better”.  Not to mention I can use the keychain to hand the bottle from my belt loop, backpack, or fanny pack.  

The Water Filter Bottle is now available as a single bottle here or paired with a pack of Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets, here

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