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Hurricane Season Preparation

Hurricane season is here, and we're here for you. It's been a difficult past few years for anyone living in hurricane-prone regions. We'd like to help prep you, your home and your family for any emergency situation. 

1) Plan Evacuation Ahead of Time

Evacuation plans are well prepared when you know your place's vulnerabilities. Is it a flood-prone area, or are the entrances to your area limited? News released by the weather forecasters can make evacuation plans easier to prepare. When evacuating, give yourself maximum time to move. One of the ideal places to go is to friends or families that live in areas not affected.   Be sure to gather critical documents, such as birth certificates and social security cards, and follow the steps below.

Evacuation route during a hurricane or storm.
Hurricane Season Preparation List for Evacuation

2) Non-Perishable Emergency Food

It's essential to keep a 5 day supply of non-perishable food prepared. Canned and boxed items are key in this situation. For emergency purposes, have Prep-Right Survival Tabs with you as they are packed with 100% of nutritional essentials.

Prep-Right Survival Emergency Food Tablets

3) Clean Water

It's important to have a back up supply of water purification tablets on hand in case your water gets severely contaminated. Having a back up option of water purification tablets will provide safe water for the whole family any time, anywhere.

Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets displayed in strips of 10
Aquatabs Water Purification tablets for purifying river water

4) Protect your home

Storms can cause major property damage to your home. Below are some tips to consider to prepare your home properly well before the season starts.

Listed bullet points on how to properly prepare your home from hurricane storm damage
Preparing a home with hurricane shutters to prep for hurricane season

5) Cut Down Dangerous Trees

There are some trees in your compound that may pose a risk during hurricane times. Dead or dying trees can be easily uprooted by the strong winds and rains, so it is wise should be cut down before causing damage.

Cutting down trees to prepare for hurricane season damage
Tree damage on house from hurricane storm

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