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Necessary Items in a Survival To-Go Bag

Necessary Items in a Survival To-Go Bag

Written By: Drew P.
In times of uncertainty, having a bug out bag that is on deck can be super valuable. A to-go or bug-out bag is a survival-type bag full of emergency items that will keep you alive and in a good position until things settle down.
They are so great for camping. If things were to turn sideways while out in the wilderness, this is the trust part of your gear to look toward for relief. 
There are tons of situations where you might need an emergency kit. Some examples include hurricanes, tornadoes, camping in survival situations, social unrest, and many others. No matter what happens, this bag allows you to have some necessary supplies to get by until something else happens. 
The best items to include in a bug out bag
1. The Bag Itself
Camping backpack for bug out survival bag and kit
No bug out emergency bag is possible without the bag itself. The key is to find a quality bag that does not break the bank but is also super reliable. Especially when camping, getting a bag that is waterproof is a great idea. So, all of your goodies inside will not be ruined if it falls in water. 
Look for something lightweight while also having enough space to fit everything you need. This will ensure that you have everything needed to survive.
2. Prep-Right Survival Tablets
Prep-Right Survival Food Tablets
One of the biggest downfalls of survival go bags is the food component. Traditionally, there was no good way to store food in a lightweight bag without it spoiling far too quickly. No one wants to keep buying food that spoils quickly or the disgusting options that last a lifetime. 
Now, there is a fantastic alternative to this problem. The Prep-Right Survival Tablets can provide you with the essential nutrients needed to supplement a lot of what basic foods do. They come in a number of flavors and are in the form of chewable tablets. 
With a 10-year shelf life, these are perfect for throwing in the to-go bag and waiting until they can be used. To purchase, check them out here. 
3. Water Purification Tablets
Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets
Even more important than food is water. You cannot go days without water like you can food. You also can’t just dip your head in a body of water and drink it without expecting to get sick. The last thing you need in a survival situation is an illness from the water. 
The antidote to that is water purification tablets. These dissolve in the water and kill almost all bacteria in water that can cause you to get sick. 
However, these tablets do not take out the physical particles, so it may also be worth getting a filter straw or water filter bottle to help further filtrate.
Prep-Right Survival has a great option of water purification tablets, Aquatabs, that are both affordable and dependable. For just $11, you can get 100 purification tablets, so you will be in good hands for an extended amount of time.
4. Flashlight and Extra Batteries
Flashlights and extra batteries
In most survival situations, you are either already in the dark or just a few hours from it coming. So, having a reliable flashlight in the bag is necessary. 
When the night falls, your survival troubles get worse. Things become more dangerous and accidents are more prone to happen. Having a light source can be a game changer. 
To be even more specific, headlamps are the way to go. This allows for hands free use while you are taking care of other things. You can find super bright and high-quality headlamps for a reasonable price. 
Along with these, you need extra batteries. Not only for the light, batteries can be used to power other things and even to make fire. Having an extra 6-8 batteries in the bag won’t take up a lot of space while also coming in very handy down the line. 
5. Ways to Start a Fire
Starting a fire while camping or outdoors.
When found in a survival situation, being able to start a fire can be the difference between getting out okay and being absolutely miserable. Fires bring you tons of perks while surviving.
To start, it is a source of heat. Although your own body heat is far more effective, in a pinch, the campfire can do the trick. 
Fires are also used to signal help. More specifically, the smoke from the fire can be used to signal for help. This is one of the best and most classic strategies for getting out of a survival situation. 
There are many ways to start a fire, so pick whatever one best fits your skill set. Some examples include a lighter, matches, flint and steel, a magnifying glass, and many more. If you are going with matches, it is best to invest in weatherproof or strike anywhere matches. These are a bit more expensive, but they are worth it in the long run. 
Flint and steel might be the trustiest of all because all of the others can become faulty over time. Having a striker and some flint on deck allows you to get a fire going without relying on variables like lighter fluid or match tips. 
6. Flares, Whistle, and other Locating Devices
Outdoor radio while camping.
Like the smoke from the fire and its ability to signal help, you also need some devices that are made to do so. First things first, there are flares. Flares are tools specifically designed to shoot a signal up into the air to get the attention of help. These last a long time and are good to have one or two of. 
Then, there is the whistle. In certain situations, you may be close enough to other people for them to hear you. A whistle is far more effective than you yelling at the top of your lungs. Some other tools that can help people find you include a mirror, flags, and a GPS. 
No matter what you choose or what you can afford, it is very important to have ways that help can be reached. 
7. Something to Make a Shelter With
Camping tarp or camping tent.
One of the pillars of survival is shelter. Without it, the natural elements can take advantage of you in a very bad way. There are a number of things that can fit inside your to-go bag to take the place of a shelter.
In most cases, you can’t fit a tent into your bag. So, you have to supplement that with other materials. The best is a tarp. They can be compacted greatly, are light, and can be formed into a great shelter. 
The other main option is a space blanket. These aren’t the strongest, but they keep in heat really well and can be a short-term solution until something better can be formed. Plus, they are super small when folded up and ultra lightweight. 
8. First Aid kit
First aid kit
Finally, there is the first aid kit. Obviously, there is far more that can be snuck into a to-go bag, but these are the basics. 
A first aid kit can be small or big, but having the essentials is key. This includes alcohol pads, bandages, gauze, scissors, and more. When you have the basics, you will save on both space and weight while also keeping yourself safe. 
Especially in survival situations, something as small as a cut can be detrimental to your health. So, be prepared and plan for the worst so you can be ready for any situation. 
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