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Hiker hiking up a mountain

What to Bring with You on Outdoor Adventures

Written By: K. Smith
Today, we will be discussing what to bring with you on backpacking adventures or simulated survival scenarios. When speaking of regular camping, you’ll need to pack multiple items like food, a camping table, an air mattress, and so on; backpacking is much more simple and lightweight. 
Tents set up while camping
To get started, you’ll first need a large-sized, waterproof camping backpack so it can fit a lot of essentials. Especially since you will most likely not be near your car for the majority of the trek. Next, you will need something to keep you dry and out of bad weather when sleeping, such as a tent. You can also set up camp when you stop for the night, which can be as simple as finding sticks and a blanket over top. You don’t really need a tent as long as you are okay with sleeping under the stars and being more present in nature. If you decide that you’ll want a tent to sleep in for the night(s), you may as well use a yoga mat to sleep on so your back won’t hurt the next morning if you have more of your hike still to go.
Easy To Pack Food
Cooking a pot over wood fire while out camping
The next thing you will need, which is absolutely necessary, is food. Depending on the length of your trip, you will be able to approximate how much food you’ll need, but be sure to plan appropriately. When camping and hiking, people most likely get more hungry than normal because of how many calories they are constantly burning. We suggest packing a few more snacks than normal because of this fact, just so you won’t be starving yourself by the end of the night and have to end your hike earlier than expected. Survival Tabs are also a fantastic alternative for any emergency situation. They’re packed with protein and provide 100% of nutritional essentials. It’s also smart to bring a small foldable stove to cook your meals. 
Lightweight Clothing to Rewear
Woman camping wearing layered clothes and gloves, hat
If you are hiking up or down in elevation, the weather and temperature can change very quickly. You should always remember to pack the following items: a waterproof jacket, waterproof pants, a layer for insulation, walking socks to prevent blisters, hiking boots, and an insulated hat. If you’re not prepared to take on the weather correctly, it most likely will not be an enjoyable hike. The positive side is all of those options are easy to rewear, so it’s best to pack light but be prepared for any conditions.
Ways to Purify Water
Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets
If you’re only going out for the day, then a water bottle wouldn’t be so worrisome, but for others who go on for days at a time, this can become a problem. Water Filter Bottles feature filtration systems that filter out any contaminated water. This is best for a day when you prefer to carry a water bottle. All you have to do is find a stream, lake or pond to fill it up, and the filter takes care of the rest.
Let’s walk you through another option of water purification. Aquatab Water Purification Tablets have been around for over twenty years. Water purification tablets themself have been a reliable method for many years now. These tabs work by being added to water and immediately dissolving to get rid of any harmful bacteria in the water. It takes thirty minutes for the water to be perfectly safe to drink, but this short amount of time is well worth the wait to ensure safe drinking water. The common suggested method is to use one tablet for every 0.75 liters of water, which is why they come in a strip of ten tablets at a time. They have a shelf life of five years, so with the ability to buy them in bulk rather inexpensively, this really makes for a great option. We hope you found this article helpful and learned a few new things that can help you the next time you go backpacking.
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