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What to Prepare for Hurricane Season

Written By: Rachael J.
There are a lot of pertinent items you'll want to pack when preparing for hurricanes. Some of them are essential, and others may not be necessary during the hurricane period. When preparing for storms, it is mostly advisable that you only take what is needed to survive or your day-to-day life during that period. Below are some of the essentials that you need to prepare first, and you will be good to go.
Survival kit when packing for a hurricane
Gather all Essential Supplies.
It would be best to put all essential supplies in a large container so you have a whole package that will sustain you for the hurricane period.
Some of these supplies includes:
-Prescription medication. All in original packages and the description copy.
-Enough non-perishable foods that do not require refrigeration or cooking, e.g., like canned meat, pasta, dry fruits, nuts, and instant noodles. For emergency purposes, have Survival Tabs with you as they are packed with 100% of nutritional essentials.
-Water. It is one of the essentials and critical aspects of life. Having more of it that will last is easy, but having no contamination can be challenging. For your go kit; pack Aquatab Water Purification Tablets. You find the water, and the tablets will do the rest by purifying it for you.
-Battery-powered radio with extra batteries
-First aid kits
Grocery shopping for non-perishable food
Important Documentations
These are the documents that will be used even after hurricanes. Leaving them in the house may be a significant risk. Ensure that you have your documents saved in more than two places. You may carry papers with you or scan them and put them in electronic copies like a USB. Some of the documents considered worthy are as follows:
-Personal identification and driver’s license
-Proof of residence, e.g., title deeds
-Insurance policies
-Birth and marriage certificates
-Negotiable certificates, including the stock and bond documents
Packing personal identification items such as passport, drivers license
Bedding, Sanitation, and Clothing
These are the things that will help you live well and comfortably during a hurricane period. Some of the necessary sanitation include cloth face masks, soap and detergents, plastic garbage bags, disinfectant toilet papers, and personal hygiene items.
When it comes to clothing, ensure that there is at least one complete change of clothing and footwear for each family member. Be sure to include sturdy shoes, gloves, rain gear, and thermal underwear. Sleeping bags and blankets are also an essential and should be included in your pack.
Finally, you should have special items for family members with special requirements like an infant, elderly, people with disabilities, or even your pet. Having a checklist with all the essentials you will need is the first requirement to be ready if and when a disaster hits. Remember, being prepared is protecting your loved ones, and it is your responsibility.  
Dog during Hurricane Season
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