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Hurricane weather photo. How to prepare for a hurricane before its time.

 Hurricane Pre-Planning Tips

Written By: Rachael J.
Natural disasters like hurricanes are hard to stop, but everyone in risky areas can take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their loved ones. Many times, many people who stay in potential hurricane regions find it hard to plan for this season because they don't plan early enough. Preparing early enough is the only way to minimize the potential damage to your property. Below is a list of four ways that you can prepare yourself well before hurricanes hit.
1. Have an Evacuation Plan
Evacuation plans are well prepared when you know your place's vulnerabilities. Is it a flood-prone area, or are the entrances to your area limited? News released by the weather forecasters can make evacuation plans easier to prepare. When evacuating, you have to give yourself maximum time to move when hurricane time comes and should have several alternatives. Ensure you leave time to secure your house properties that may become dangerous weapons during storm time. You should also ensure that you have a place to go. One of the ideal places to go is to friends or families that live in areas not affected.  
Evacuation route during hurricane season
2. Ensure Your Go-Bag is Ready
It is a kit of vital tools for your survival and the ones you will need for everyday usage. Some of these items include:
-Nonperishable foods and water that will last you for a more extended period
-When evacuating using your vehicle, ensure that you have a full tank of gas and that the car is in good condition to prevent a last minute rush that might stress you out
-Have cash with you! Banks and ATM's may not be functional or have electricity
-Have recommended medical supplies
-Have cell phones and their power banks
-Battery-operated emergency radio
-Have necessary documentation with you, which includes bank statements and birth certificates
    Hurricane to-go kit for evacuation including water, first aid kit, radio, flashlight and batteries.
    3. Up to Date Insurance Policies
    It is not easy to predict the level of damage that a hurricane will cause. To keep you on the safe side, ensure that you have a flood insurance policy with you. Just in case the storm does do significant damage to your home, the insurance will cover damage and you will be compensated for any injuries if they were to happen.
    Hurricane flood and to remember all flood insurance papers when evacuating from your home.
    4. Cut Down All Big Trees and Branches Next to your House
    There are some trees in your compound that may pose a risk during hurricane times.
    Some of these trees include:
    -Dead or dying trees. These trees can be easily uprooted by the strong winds and rains hence should be cut down.
    -Trees with a dense canopy. Contact an arborist to come and do the pruning of some of the branches.
    -Young trees. It may not have the potential to withstand solid rains and winds and pose danger.
      Cutting down trees during hurricane season to avoid trees from falling on your house.
      In conclusion, hurricanes can sometimes be severe and may cause significant destruction. Preparing yourself beforehand is the best way to handle them. Doing all of this early will help you not run out of options.
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